Sales email customisation

Some time ago, we met problem, when we should add congratulation into order confirmation for special customer group (another words:
manage Magento emails template)

After small research, I have not found any normal, and also that importnat, FREE extension that allows to do that.
So, we decided to spend some time and create this module for internal usage. The store management were happy  Our customer was happy and for sure I as developer also was happy 

Since time come out, the extension was improved, to allow personalise not only order confirmation emails, but also invoice and shipments emails as well.
So, we are very glad to introduce you

Some time ago I was need to add possibility to filter in grid by multiple values. Seems this is not possible in Magento out of box, so I made small research in
the web and found interesting solution


Ok, seems that’s what we need – so, let’s integrate in into our grid…

First of all we need to download all js and css files and connect it to Magento in the layout: ..........

Magento – is one of the most popular e-commerce system in the World. It's really great, very customizable and provide a tone of very useful features out of the box. However, nothing is ideal in this World, and main disadvantages of this system is pretty low loading speed with growing of the store.
If you are reading this article, I am pretty sure you already fill it. So, what step you can do to make your Magento store faster.