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    With years of experience with Magento and hundreds of successful projects completed, our team of Magento certified developers is ready to help you with your project. 

    Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

    • You represent a web development company, but Magento is not your specialization. So it’s problematic or not financially wise to hire dedicated Magento developers full-time.
    • You have a team of Magento developers, but currently, you have more requests than it can handle.
    • You have some advanced development tasks that your team can not handle.
    • You don’t have or don’t want to have developers on board.
    • You want a team of experts to work on your project.
    • You want to completely outsource Magento website development.
    • You want to reduce the cost of development by hiring offshore Magento developers.

    If you answered yes to any of these, chances are it would be more time and cost-efficient to outsource Magento development to a team of experts.

    Why Choose BroSolutions Magento Developers?

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    • Lower Development Costs

    It is way more affordable to hire Magento programmers through us, then finding and onboarding a developer to work at your company full-time. 

    • Sense of security

    When you hire someone from a trusted agency that has successfully established itself on the market, you know what to expect. We guarantee that the solution you’ll get from us will be done in a timely manner and work as expected. 

    • Solutions from certified Magento developers

    Our developers have the official Magento Certification. This means their skills and qualifications completely fit Adobe’s high standards, allowing you to feel completely at peace knowing that your project is in safe hands, and the final result will be of the highest quality.    

    • Fast Project Launch 

    The work on a project starts as soon as you approve the developers we chose for you, and we’ll start looking for the right developers right after you give us your project details. This allows you to begin working in the shortest possible term.

    • Full support after launch 

    We really care about our projects, so if you need any help we will keep your store in top shape post-launch.  

    • Full transparency 

    We’ll keep you updated on everything that has to do with your project. Depending on how involved you want to be, we can give you the updates on the most important aspects of the project, or add you to our task management system so you could see everything for yourself. 

    • End-to-end SDLC with Agile methodologies

    We offer full-cycle development services, so no matter what stage of development you are at right now, we can be with you every step of the way. 

    What services do we provide? 

    best magento developers

    Custom Magento Development

    If you need to create an online store from scratch, or make any changes to the existing one: we got you. Our professional Magento developers are ready to help you with any task, no matter the complexity. 

    Magento Migration

    Get the benefits of using one of the best ecommerce platforms out there but migrating to Magento 2. Our team will make sure the process is quick and easy for you, and that no data will be lost in the process. We do migrations to Magento 2 from Magento 1 and any other type of ecommerce platform.

    Magento Integration

    Build an ecosystem of services for your business, with Magento at its heart. We do any kind of integrations, including but not limited to CRM, ERP, payment and shipping gateways. 

    Magento Optimization

    Whether you know something is wrong with your store, or just want to make sure that everything works as intended, we got you. Our team of experts will look over the key elements of your store, and make detailed suggestions on the ways to improve. Order the comprehensive audit, or choose the specific areas you want us to look at. 

    Magento Support & Maintenance

    Even when the work on your store is finished, there are always some routine tasks that need to be done. Hire Magento developers from us to handle the day-to-day tasks, so you get to focus on your work. 

    magento certified developers

    Our Work Models

    To make our work together as convenient as possible for you, we offer different types of cooperation forms.   

    Classic Development Outsourcing: You tell us about your project, and we do the rest ourselves.

    Team Extension: For when you already have a team of developers, but need more people for a specific projects

    Dedicated Team: Hire and manage a team of Magento development experts that will exclusively work on your project

    If you want to offer your own approach, let’s discuss! We can work with many hybrid variations of there

    Learn more: Work Models

    How it works

    1. Talking stage

    We like to start our work with a conversation with you. We’ll schedule a call to discuss your project and explain how we work. Together, we’ll discuss your expectations and project goals, and talk about possible solutions. 

    2. We pick Magento developers for you

    Based on the information you gave us, we pick the developers we think would fit your tasks best. After we select the candidates, we send you their resumes so you can pick the ones you like the most. 

    3. Interviewing process

    After you pick the developers you liked the most, we formally introduce them to you in an interview form. There, you can talk more about the project and their qualifications. 

    4. Development 

    Once you choose and hire the developer or team, the development process starts. Our Magento experts make custom solutions using the best Magento practices, and build functionality without affecting the core or third party extensions. We’ll always keep you updated on our process, and you get to choose how involved in the process you want to be. 

    Why BroSolutions

    “number 1”

    Transparent Communication

    You’ll have access to every part of the project so you can track what stage we are at at any given moment.

    “number 2”

    Seamless Integration With Your Team

    Our clients say our developers feel like a part of their team.

    “number 3”

    Excellent Technical Expertise

    We have 8+ years experience in ecommerce, and are always ready to share our knowledge.

    “number 4”

    We Work Well With Your Busy Schedule

    Different time zones and tight deadlines are not a problem.

    “number 5”

    Efficient Delivery

    We always test and double-check everything, so you can rest assured that the code you’ll get will be bug-free from the get-go.

    “number 6”

    Flexible Cooperation Models

    Every business is different and requires a different approach. We offer outsourcing, team extension, and dedicated team services, and together we can choose what’s best for you.

    All of this is taken directly from our Clutch reviews.

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