• Magento Support and Maintenance Services

    Magento is a very flexible and powerful platform. But the flip-side of these advantages can lead to difficulties during development: that is, Magento’s sophistication as a platform. For more than 5 years of working with different store owners, we often saw solutions beingimplemented by developers without using the best practices or coding guidelines, and sometimes even some potentially dangerous code.

    The result of such a situation is that, for a couple of years, it becomes almost impossible to maintain the site, leaving the owners with only a few options on how to go forward. Some choose to rebuild the site from scratch, or to go forward with the current implementation and just fix critical issues, and some decide to re-engineer what they have. All these solutions can be pretty expensive in the short or long–term, and don’t always bring expected results even if you spend a lot of money.

    So, you ask how to avoid this situation? The answer is obvious. You should select the correct Support and Maintenance Team, one that can analyze existing code, find problematic places in digital architecture, and provide clear solutions that follow the best coding practices.

    The most common issues that we meet during Support and Maintenance are: slow site speed, bad performance, errors in logic, hidden bugs, not supported code, architecture drawbacks, and many many more. This leads to a bad user experience, and as a result missed sales, security issues, and the much more expensive cost of development and support. 

    Let the team of Magento developers from BroSolutions take care of your site. The certified developers will audit your site, provide maintenance plans, and give you reengineering ideas.

    With us, you shouldn’t need to worry about your website anymore. It’s our job to do that!

    We’ve developed Support Packages especially for our customers.

    So, what are you waiting for? Contact us we will provide you with more info about possible plans, and potential costs, for Magento Support and Maintenance.