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    Every business is unique and has unique needs. Some companies already have an IT department, and may need an extra pair of hands. Others are starting their first development project, and it’s their first experience of hiring a development company. To make the work with us as convenient as possible for you, we chose three different work models suitable for different project types and companies. 


    You tell us about your project, and we do the rest ourselves.

    • You tell us about your project, its main requirements, and deadlines.
    • Together we decide on the best course of action. 
    • We take on ourselves the task of assembling the team. We set tasks, control the process, and test the results. 
    • You can be as involved as you want. We can give you updates about the most important elements of the process, or you can get access to every aspect of the project. 
    • You can ask your manager for updates or additional information whenever you want.

    Who is this model most suitable for:

    • Companies that don’t have their own development team;
    • Someone inexperienced in the development process that just wants the work done; 
    • Short-term and easy projects that don’t require long planning.


    You need an extra pair of hands 

    • You already have a team of developers, but need more people for a specific project.
    • After talking about your project, we offer the developers from our team with the right expertise and culture fit.   
    • If you want, you can talk to several developers and choose the ones you feel the most comfortable working with. 
    • Our developer temporarily joins your team, and you handle the management of the project.

    Who is this model most suitable for:

    • Rapidly growing companies that don’t have a lot of time for the hiring process or onboarding; 
    • Companies that need the extra developers for a specific big project; 
    • Development agencies that need an extra pair of hands or have too many projects at once. 


    You need a team that will exclusively work on your project

    • You tell us about your project, and we provide you with the team that will best suit your needs. 
    • The remote team will work on your project exclusively  
    • You’ll work directly with a team, and control the whole process 

    Who is this model most suitable for:

    • Early-stage startups that need to quickly build a team and start a development process; 
    • When you need a team with specific experience; 
    • Long-term side projects, so your in-house developers can focus on their regular tasks. 

    “Their quality and timeliness are far superior to any other developer we’ve worked with. We can bounce business ideas off of each other, and we’re constantly refining our process. BroSolutions is definitely a partner, and I can’t imagine working with another company”

    President, Web Development Company

    Not sure what to choose?

    Making a decision can be complicated, so let’s discuss! Contact us, and we’ll go over everything in greater detail, and consult you about your situation.

    Why Use Outsourcing Services

    • Save money

    For project-based work, using outstaffing services is way more efficient than hiring and training developers and paying them monthly. After the contract is over, our developers will switch to different projects, no strings attached.  

    • Save time

    The work on a project starts as soon as you approve the developers we chose for you, and we’ll start looking for the right developers right after you give us your project details. This allows you to begin working in the shortest possible term.

    • Flexibility and scalability 

    If you need to make any changes to the team mid-project, no problem. We’ll help you reconfigure the team according to your current needs.

    • Get access to qualified developers with relevant experience

    It can be hard to find the right developer, especially if you are not sure what you are looking for. Our specialists have been vetted, and we’ll help you choose the ones who will bring the most value to your specific project.

    Why BroSolutions

    “number 1”

    Transparent Communication

    You’ll have access to every part of the project so you can track what stage we are at at any given moment.

    “number 2”

    Seamless Integration With Your Team

    Our clients say our developers feel like a part of their team.

    “number 3”

    Excellent Technical Expertise

    We have 8+ years experience in ecommerce, and are always ready to share our knowledge.

    “number 4”

    We Work Well With Your Busy Schedule

    Different time zones and tight deadlines are not a problem.

    “number 5”

    Efficient Delivery

    We always test and double-check everything, so you can rest assured that the code you’ll get will be bug-free from the get-go.

    “number 6”

    Flexible Cooperation Models

    Every business is different and requires a different approach. We offer outsourcing, team extension, and dedicated team services, and together we can choose what’s best for you.

    All of this is taken directly from our Clutch reviews.

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