• Magento Custom Development

    Bring your ideas to us and enhance your Magento by adding a ton of awesome features.

    As the most popular E-Commerce platform in the world, Magento provides tons of helpful features out of the box. Also, the community ecosystem can offer you thousands of ready extensions that help businesses achieve success. However, constantly growing customer expectations, as well as new trends in the evolving e–commerce market, always demand your store to be unique, and to have custom functionality and development.

    Using Magento Custom development, your Magento store will have better management, unique functionality, and will provide the best shopping experience for your customers. Also, it allows you to keep up with the most modern trends, and always be ahead of your competitor.

    So here are just a few examples of why you need Custom Magento development:

    • increasing conversion
    • unique modern adaptive design (including PWA)
    • advanced user experience
    • reduced user effort
    • new functionality
    • better catalog and orders management
    • enhanced user interface

    At BroSolutions, we have more than a decade of Custom Magento development and provide fully–custom solutions of the highestquality. Our team of certified developers has achieved advanced levels of experience in simple custom extension building, as well as implementing full solutions for custom user–experience and hard business logic.

    o, how do we make a Custom Solution for you?

    Any development process consists of these stages:

    • Analysis: At this stage we discuss with you what idea you have in mind. Then we analyze possible solutions, check ones that already exist, and provide you with possible ways to implement your idea.
    • Development: After we agree on a plan of implementation, we start developing functionality. This is where actual code writing happens. Our developers make custom development using the best Magento practices, and build functionality without affecting core or other 3rd party extensions.
    • QA and Delivery: After functionality is implemented, our QA specialist will test it in different environments and ensure that it is bug-free and meets all required criteria. After that, we deliver it to you to gauge your satisfaction.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Our developers are already waiting to make your idea into a reality.

    Why choose us? We are:

    • An official Magento partner
    • A certified team of developers
    • Experienced Magento practitioners
    • Transparent throughout the customer-development process, allowing you to track which stage we are at in meeting your needs