• Shopware Integration

    Make Shopware a part of your business ecosystem by integrating it with external software. We can help you with the integration of ERP/CRM systems and other third-party software using extensions and Shopware 6 API. 

    Connecting Shopware with other applications and services can significantly boost the efficiency of your ecommerce business.  Almost anything can be integrated, including: third party payment gateways, shipping methods, SMS gateways, CRM and ERP systems.

    • If you have a rarely used ERP or other software and you can’t find a way to integrate it – we can handle it!
    • If you need to integrate your marketing tool, shipping service, or a POS system – we are here to help you!
    • If you need help building your ecommerce ecosystem – yep, experts in that too! 🙂

    We have more than 10 years of working in ecommerce, and are ready to use our experience to build a cohesive system of services that work together with your store. 

    What We Do

    Shopware ERP Integration

    ERP integration is one of the most common integration requests we get. ERP integration gives you an ability to connect your store running on Shopware with an ERP system that holds customer data, payment and stock information, shipping details, and more.  

    Some of the systems we work with include:

    • SAP
    • Sage
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • SYSPRO
    • Epicor
    • Exact
    • Access Dimensions

    Shopware Payment Gateway Integration

    Payment gateway integration allows you to process payments faster. It can also automatically check if a payment for an order was successful. 

    Some of the most popular payment gateways we’ve worked with are:

    • Stripe
    • PayPal
    • Worldpay 
    • Braintree
    • Viveum

    However, our clients are located all over the world, so we are used to dealing with different payment gateways worldwide and their rules, so don’t worry if yours is not on the list.  

    Shopware CRM Integration

    CRM integration is a must for building customer relationships and managing clients databases. Integrating your CRM of choice with Shopware frees up time from transferring data about your customers between your store and a CMS. Magento 2 CRM integration can be done with any CRM system, including:

    • HubSpot 
    • Zendesk
    • Salesforce
    • Sage CRM
    • SugarCRM
    • Pipedrive CRM
    • Insightly 
    • Quickbase

    Shopware EDI Integration

    Thanks to EDI Integration, you can automate receiving and sending orders, shipping information, and invoices. All information about your customer’s orders (sizes, colors, quantities, and other) will be collected, and sent to your suppliers daily, or even more frequently. This can save you hours of processing time every day, and allow you to update information way faster.

    Integrating accounting software into your store allows you to cut on boring work and spend less time on invoices, reports, taxes and bookkeeping. The connection between the software and your store  is automated, so you don’t have to worry about tracking everything. 

    Some of the popular programs that can be integrated are Avalara, Sage, Access, but we work with others as well.  

    Shopware Shipping Integration

    Using shipping system integration with systems like ShipStation, DHL, FedEx, Hermes, you can avoid the hassle of dealing with shipping out orders. These services are meant to work with ecommerce platforms, so integrating them is a fairly easy process that doesn’t take much time. We’ll finish the task as quickly as possible, so you can start collecting orders.  

    Shopware PIM Integration

    Manage your product data more efficiently by integrating your inventory management system with your store. If you have multiple sales channels, it will allow you to accurately and quickly show what’s in stock for each of them. For example, you can make a Shopware eBay or Amazon connection.  

    Shopware Marketing Automation Integration

    By integrating your store with a marketing software of your choice, you can save time on doing repetitive tasks like creating posts for social media, sending email newsletters, offering promotions based on user activity. 

    We have experience with integration of different types of marketing software, like:

    • MailChimp
    • SendPulse
    • HubSpot 
    • Userfpx 
    • Drip 
    • Bronto

    How We Work

    Through our years of work, we’ve developed a process that would make our job as efficient and comfortable for you as possible. 

    1. Talking Stage  

    We like to start our work together with a conversation with you. We introduce ourselves and how we work, listen to your ideas and discuss different ways to implement them. 

    Our goal is to understand your business and the challenges you face, so we can offer the best solution to your problems.

    2. Analysis

    We continue our work by conducting a detailed analysis of your project. We take a closer look at your store, look at the best practices on the market, and collect all the data we need.  Based on that we provide a list of possible scenarios. Depending on your preferences, we can decide on the best plan ourselves, or discuss it together with you. 

    3. Project Roadmap 

    Now that we have a specific plan in mind, we agree on finer details. We’ll create a project roadmap, and together we’ll agree on the deadlines, communication channels, and other similar matters. 

    4. Development 

    As soon as we agree on a plan, we start the development process. Our developers make custom solutions using the best Shopware practices, and build functionality without affecting the core or third party extensions. We’ll always keep you updated on our process, and you get to choose how involved in the process you want to be. 

    5. QA and Delivery 

    After the functionality is implemented, our QA specialist will test it in different environments and ensure that it is bug-free and meets all required criteria. After that we finalize everything and you enjoy your shiny new website 🙂

    6. Support

    Even after the development process is over, we’ll still support your store. We’ll keep everything updated and working properly, do scheduled security checks and install updates, and make other changes you may need.

    Why BroSolutions

    “number 1”

    Transparent Communication

    You’ll have access to every part of the project so you can track what stage we are at at any given moment.

    “number 2”

    Seamless Integration With Your Team

    Our clients say our developers feel like a part of their team.

    “number 3”

    Excellent Technical Expertise

    We have 8+ years experience in ecommerce, and are always ready to share our knowledge.

    “number 4”

    We Work Well With Your Busy Schedule

    Different time zones and tight deadlines are not a problem.

    “number 5”

    Efficient Delivery

    We always test and double-check everything, so you can rest assured that the code you’ll get will be bug-free from the get-go.

    “number 6”

    Flexible Cooperation Models

    Every business is different and requires a different approach. We offer outsourcing, team extension, and dedicated team services, and together we can choose what’s best for you.

    All of this is taken directly from our Clutch reviews.

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