• Hyvä Theme Development

    Hyvä Theme Development

    Being an official partner of Hyvä with vast experience in Magento development, we guarantee that our Hyvä themes are tailored to satisfy the most intricate business requirements.

    Harnessing the power of the Hyva front-end framework, we’re poised to design E-commerce themes that excel in both conversion rates and user experience, ensuring an unparalleled online shopping journey.

    What is Hyvä theme?

    The Hyvä theme stands at the forefront of front-end innovation, tailored specifically for Magento 2 to elevate both performance and user experience within E-commerce environments. It prioritizes fast-loading, mobile-responsive, and visually captivating themes, thereby optimizing the online shopping journey.

    At its essence, the Hyvä Theme harnesses modern technologies such as Vue.js for dynamic interactivity and GraphQL for efficient data retrieval, resulting in a seamless and engaging shopping experience. By challenging conventional web rendering methods, this framework adopts a progressive approach, loading page elements as required to enhance speed and user engagement.

    Why Choose Hyvä for Your Magento Store?

    • Experience unparalleled performance: Encounter blazingly fast loading speeds, elevating both SEO rankings and user satisfaction.
    • Effortless Development: Harness the power of Magento’s native PHP-templating integrated seamlessly into Hyvä themes, simplifying customization and expediting development processes.
    • Cost-Effective Solution: Embrace a one-time purchase model, inclusive of all future updates, ensuring a financially savvy investment with reduced total cost of ownership.

    Our Specialization in Hyvä Development

    • Customized Solutions: We specialize in creating bespoke Hyvä themes precisely tailored to your brand identity and objectives.
    • Performance Enhancement: We prioritize minimizing JavaScript and CSS load to optimize your website’s overall performance.
    • Extensive Community Backing: Benefit from our strong community support, providing access to a wealth of resources and collaborative problem-solving.

    Features of Hyvä themes

    Optimized for Performance:

    Hyvä themes are meticulously crafted with performance in mind, ensuring lightning-fast page loading times. This is achieved through streamlined code, minimized HTTP requests, and strategic caching techniques, culminating in a seamless and immersive user experience.

    Mobile-first approach:

    Hyvä themes adopt a mobile-first approach, guaranteeing seamless functionality and impeccable aesthetics across diverse devices and screen dimensions. This commitment to mobile responsiveness aligns with the burgeoning trend of mobile commerce, ensuring optimal user experiences for shoppers on the go.

    Reduced complexity:

    Hyvä themes offer a practical alternative to headless/PWA solutions by utilizing Magento’s PHP-templating system. With a redesigned frontend, simplicity is key.

    Compared to a standard Magento theme loading over 200 JS/CSS resources (1.5 megabytes), Hyvä streamlines this to just 2 JS/CSS resources (0.2 megabytes)!

    Less complexity means easier and more enjoyable development. We’ve kept developer-favorite components like layout.xml, blocks, and viewModels while saying goodbye to RequireJS, Knockout, and UIComponents.

    Hyvä theme vs Luma theme

    AspectHyvä ThemesTraditional Magento Themes
    PerformanceHyvä themes typically excel in performance by leveraging modern frontend technologies, resulting in faster loading times and smoother user experiences.Traditional Magento themes may lag behind in performance due to reliance on older technologies, potentially leading to slower page loading and less responsive user interfaces.
    CustomizationHyvä themes offer extensive customization options, allowing for tailored designs and layouts. However, achieving certain customizations may require additional development effort.While customization is possible with traditional Magento themes, the process may be more straightforward and less time-consuming compared to Hyvä themes.
    Extension CompatibilityHyvä themes may require extensions to be specifically adapted or custom-built to ensure seamless integration and compatibility.Traditional Magento themes are generally more compatible with existing Magento extensions out of the box, reducing the need for extensive customization or adaptation.
    Updates and MaintenanceHyvä themes necessitate active maintenance to stay abreast of Magento updates and changes, ensuring ongoing compatibility and performance optimization.Traditional Magento themes may require less frequent updates and maintenance, as they tend to be more stable and less reliant on cutting-edge technologies.

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