• Automating Supplier Order Management for a Dutch B2C Medical Equipment Store

    Client Background: A Dutch B2C retailer specializing in medical equipment operates an online store powered by Magento 2 with an integrated ERP module from BoostMyShop. The client works with approximately 15 suppliers who provide product availability and pricing updates via email and API. Challenge: The client needed to optimize and automate the process of ordering

    Automated Order Processing for a B2B Veterinary Supplies Store in Switzerland

    Client Background: A B2B veterinary supplies store based in Switzerland specializes in selling veterinary products to various businesses. Clients typically place orders by sending an email with an attached CSV or Excel file detailing their requirements. Challenge: The main challenge was the inconsistency in the format of the order files sent by clients. Not all

    E-commerce Migration for a Swiss Pet Retailer

    Client: A B2C retailer specializing in pet products, based in Switzerland. Challenge: The client was operating on the outdated Magento 1 platform, which was no longer supported, posing significant security risks and limiting functional scalability. Goals: Solution: A dedicated team comprising one frontend developer, two backend developers, and a project manager was assembled to undertake