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    Magento Extension Development Services

    When your unique business challenge requires a custom solution, we are here to help you! Our team will create a Magento extension that will work perfectly with your existing store.

    Magento Custom Extension Development

    No matter what kind of extension you need, we can make it for you. Some of the areas we have experience with:

    • Inventory Management
    • Shipping & Fulfillment
    • Marketing & SEO
    • Sales & POS
    • Search 
    • Payment Method Integration
    • Security
    • Custom Reports
    • Accounting & Finance 
    • Site Optimization
    • Unique features development 

    Other Services

    Functionality merge 

    Two Magento extensions not working together correctly is a common problem. If you ever wished you could combine several extensions into one, this service is for you. We can build you a completely new module that would feature both functions or edit the existing ones by adding some functionality from one extension to the other. 

    Extension optimization

    Some extensions were developed without adhering to best practices, and others just don’t work well with your store. If you started to notice long page loads, invalid functionality, or other problems with your store, your extensions could be at fault. 

    We’ll help you figure out the problem and provide a solution to make everything work well again. 

    Conversion to extension

    If the custom functionality was hard-coded into your store, but you want it in a separate extension (for example, to use with a different store), we can help you extract the existing code and create an extension based on it. 

    Extension Migration

    Some Magento 1 extensions have no Magento 2 version. In other cases, old extensions can store the data you may need in your new store. We’ll make sure your new platform has all the functionality the old one used to have and that all needed data is migrated safely.

    Why Use Custom Extensions

    1. Tailor-made solution

    No more wasting resources on functions you don’t need: the custom extension will solve the exact problem you face and have the interface, functionality, and design you need. 

    1. Cross-extension compatibility

    You can be sure our extension will work perfectly with other modules your store has. 

    1. Cross theme compatibility

    We’ll test everything to make sure there is no conflict with your theme. 

    1. Documentation & Guides

    Your extension can include written documentation. In the future, any developer that works on your store will understand how to make changes to it. We can also provide an installation and user’s manual so you can maintain it easily.  

    1. Support 

    We care about the outcome of every project we work on. For that reason, we’ll guide you through the entire process and beyond. If you need any help with your extension or other matters, you can be sure you’ll get certified help from the developers who already know your project.

    How We Work

    Through our years of work, we’ve developed a process that would make our job as efficient and comfortable for you as possible. 

    1. Talking Stage  

    We like to start our work together with a conversation with you. We introduce ourselves and how we work, listen to your ideas and discuss different ways to implement them. Our goal is to understand your business and the challenges you face, so we can offer the best solution to your problems.

    2. Analysis

    We continue our work by conducting a detailed analysis of your project. We take a closer look at your store, as well as on best practices currently on the market. Depending on your preferences, we can decide on the best plan ourselves, or discuss it together with you. 

    3. Project Roadmap 

    Now that we have a specific plan in mind, we agree on finer details. We’ll create a project roadmap, and together we’ll agree on the deadlines, communication channels, and other similar matters. 

    4. Development 

    As soon as we agree on a plan, we start the development process. Our developers will make your custom extension using the best Magento practices, and build functionality without affecting the core or third party solutions. We’ll always keep you updated on our process, and you get to choose how involved in it you want to be. 

    5. QA and Delivery 

    After your new design is ready, our QA specialist will test it in different environments and ensure that it is bug-free and meets all required criteria. After that we finalize everything and you enjoy your shiny new website 🙂

    6. Support

    Even after the development process is over, we’ll still support your store. We’ll keep everything updated and working properly, do scheduled security checks and install updates, and make other changes you may need.

    Why BroSolutions

    “number 1”

    Transparent Communication

    You’ll have access to every part of the project so you can track what stage we are at at any given moment.

    “number 2”

    Seamless Integration With Your Team

    Our clients say our developers feel like a part of their team.

    “number 3”

    Excellent Technical Expertise

    We have 8+ years experience in ecommerce, and are always ready to share our knowledge.

    “number 4”

    We Work Well With Your Busy Schedule

    Different time zones and tight deadlines are not a problem.

    “number 5”

    Efficient Delivery

    We always test and double-check everything, so you can rest assured that the code you’ll get will be bug-free from the get-go.

    “number 6”

    Flexible Cooperation Models

    Every business is different and requires a different approach. We offer outsourcing, team extension, and dedicated team services, and together we can choose what’s best for you.

    All of this is taken directly from our Clutch reviews.

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