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    For the last few years, the market of mobile devices has undergone explosive growth. With so many varieties of mobile devices, responsive design is a must-have feature. According to data from Internet Retailer, 261 million US citizens have mobile devices, and 66 million mobile device–owners shop with them every day.

    Yet, responsive design nowadays is not a common topic of discussion.

    Responsive web design is software design that adapts to a variety of mobile devices, adapting to different resolutions and generally providing smoother user-interaction

    Everyone today expects a mobile-friendly interface, user friendly UI, intuitive navigation, and excellent design. If you can’t provide that foryour customers, they’ll just go out and buy everything from your competitor.

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    So, what are we waiting for now? As Magento Responsive design experts, we can offer you a completely new design implementation, as well as customize your existing design to give it peak responsiveness.

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