• Magento Setup

    Magento is a very powerful, and the most popular, eCommerce CMS.

    Its abilities are flexible, and it covers a lot of basic requirements right out of the box. However, for users who do not have much experience with web applications setup, it can be a real challenge.

    We can help you from the very beginning of owning this product, and provide support in the following setup steps.

    • We recommend hosting or even setting up your own server. We are a trusted partner of a couple lead hosting providers that specialize in Magento hosting, and can help you select the best option depending on your requirements.
    • For Magento setup, we install the latest version and also set up infrastructure to keep easy maintenance and code updates.
    • For 3rd party modules installation, Magento is the best class software and have a very powerful and huge community. There are thousands of modules that allow you to improve or add new functionality to your store. We can help you to find the appropriate extension in Magento Marketplace.
    • For template Installation, Magento Marketplace provides hundreds of ready templates. Just select one that suits you, and we’ll install it.
    • Install Payment and Shipping methods
    • For 3rd party API integration, in most cases e-commerce is not only for your own site, but also relies on deep integration with other services (like email marketing services, goods suppliers, Omni channels, etc..). We are here to help you find appropriate extensions and set it up correctly
    • Concerning data import, you have a list of products with prices and inventory — we will set up the initial import of the data for you.
    • To help you utilize your site, we can provide you with instructions for working with your new Magento installation, and also help you to explore the full power of your new site.

    We know that everyone’s needs are different, and your business is unique. If we do not find a solution that will completely cover your needs, we are always able to implement your ideas with custom development. Our best class developers are here to implement your idea into reality