• Enhancing Site Performance for an Elite Gift Shop

    Enhancing Site Performance for an Elite Gift Shop

    Client Background:

    A company specializing in the sale of elite gifts approached us with their existing online store built on Magento 2, utilizing the Breeze theme from Swissuplabs. At the time of their inquiry, their Google Page Speed score for mobile devices was 68, which was less than ideal for optimal user experience.


    The client wanted to integrate the Magento 2 Advanced Reviews & Reminders module from Plumpocket. However, initial tests indicated that directly installing the module would significantly decrease the Google Page Speed score, potentially harming the user experience and reducing the site’s performance.

    Client Requirements:

    The client identified several critical functionalities within the module that were essential for enhancing customer interaction and sales conversion on their site. A thorough analysis of potential solutions was conducted, leading to two viable options:

    1. Customizing the module to retain only the necessary functionalities.
    2. Migrating the site to the Hyvä theme, which already supports the required module comprehensively.


    After a detailed evaluation, the second option was chosen. The decision was driven by the fact that migrating to the Hyvä theme would only cost 20% more than customizing the existing module. Moreover, this approach would not only resolve the immediate need but also provide the client with a broader selection of supported modules for future enhancements.


    The migration to the Hyvä theme was strategically planned to minimize downtime and ensure a seamless transition. The process involved:

    • Setting up a development environment to implement the Hyvä theme.
    • Migrating the existing functionalities and integrating the Advanced Reviews & Reminders module.
    • Extensive testing to ensure compatibility and performance efficiency.
    • Optimizing the new setup to maximize the Google Page Speed score.


    • The migration to the Hyvä theme significantly improved the site’s performance, with the Google Page Speed score for mobile devices soaring to 89.
    • The site now benefits from improved load times, a better user experience, and enhanced mobile responsiveness.
    • The client has a more robust platform that supports a wider range of modules, paving the way for easier additions and updates in the future.

    Client Testimonial:

    The client expressed great satisfaction with the outcome, noting the enhanced site performance and the flexibility the new platform offers for future expansions. They particularly appreciated how the solution was tailored to their needs while also providing additional benefits they had not initially considered.