• Magento Performance Enhancement

    For the whole decade of working with e-Commerce projects, we have found a strong dependence on conversion rates that keep pacewith the speed of the website. The performance of the website has more to do with your ability to convert visitors into customers than you might imagine.

    In the World of Magento, slow performance is the talk of the town for a lot of store owners. Even Magento right after installation, before it’s been given any extensions, can hardly be called fast and lightweight. From our experience, the speed of Magento is one of the mainconcerns that we hear from people who choose this e-Commerce platform.

    We found that almost all Magento sites require performance reviews and optimization. Based on web research, over 46% of customers expect page loading time to be less than 2 seconds, and 40% of visitors abandon a store if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load. So even if the site is fast, your customers may consider it not fast enough.

    The goal of the Magento Store Performance Optimization Service from BroSolutions is to maximize the optimization of various user interface elements, minimization of Javascript and CSS, reducing page load time, and other possible improvements that will boost the conversion rate of your site and increase traffic.

    Even if you have a perfectly–designed Magento store with unique custom functionalities, your store still needs to be really fast so as to conform to Google speed standards and meet customer’s expectations.

    So, what our Performance Enhancement service includes is:

    • Checks Server Environment:
      Our engineers will make a detailed review of your server infrastructure and will provide suggestions about settings that are best suitable for your online store.
    • Review Magento Settings:
      Our specialist will help you to optimize your store settings.
    • Examine Code:
      Most often, issues with long server response is in the incorrect coding of 3rd party modules, or conflicts between extensions. Our team of certified Magento developers can identify such cases, fix, and optimize the code.

    At BroSolutions, we can profile the code on problematic pages, identify problems, and fix them. We know how to optimize your website and improve user engagement across multiple browsers. We use a set of methods to reduce pages’ load times, speed up database queries, optimize server settings, and apply advanced caching techniques to boost Magento websites.

    Speed optimization is one of our main specializations. Contact us and see BroSolutions in action.