• Automating Supplier Order Management for a Dutch B2C Medical Equipment Store

    Automating Supplier Order Management for a Dutch B2C Medical Equipment Store

    Client Background:

    A Dutch B2C retailer specializing in medical equipment operates an online store powered by Magento 2 with an integrated ERP module from BoostMyShop. The client works with approximately 15 suppliers who provide product availability and pricing updates via email and API.


    The client needed to optimize and automate the process of ordering products from suppliers. The existing manual process was time-consuming and prone to errors, necessitating a solution that could streamline operations and reduce the administrative burden.


    To address this challenge, a custom Magento 2 module was developed to automate the gathering of updated data from all suppliers. The module performs the following functions:

    1. Data Aggregation: Automatically collects and aggregates updated data from each supplier through email and API communications.
    2. User Interface (UI) Design: Provides an intuitive and user-friendly UI within the Magento admin panel. This interface allows the client to easily select desired products using checkboxes based on the latest supplier information.
    3. Order Automation: Once the client selects the required products, the module generates and sends purchase orders directly to the respective suppliers.


    The module integrates seamlessly with the existing Magento 2 and ERP setup, ensuring that data flows smoothly from the suppliers to the store’s backend system. The development focused on:

    • Efficient Data Handling: Ensuring that the module can handle data updates in real-time, allowing for accurate and timely order processing.
    • Scalability: The module is designed to easily accommodate additional suppliers with minimal effort, making it scalable and adaptable to future business growth.
    • User Experience: Emphasizing a clean and straightforward UI that minimizes the learning curve and maximizes usability for the client.


    • Time Efficiency: The automated system has reduced the time spent on creating orders by 90%, significantly freeing up resources for other critical business activities.
    • Error Reduction: Automating the order process has minimized human errors, ensuring orders are accurate and reflective of current supplier data.
    • Scalability: The module’s design allows for easy addition of new suppliers, supporting the client’s expansion and adaptation to market changes without significant additional development.


    This use case demonstrates how custom development in Magento 2 can significantly enhance operational efficiency in a B2C ecommerce environment. By automating the supplier order process, the Dutch medical equipment store has not only optimized daily operations but also established a robust foundation for scaling its business model as market demands evolve.