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    Magento vs WooCommerce: What Should You Choose (2022)

    One of the first things you’ll have to do after deciding to open an online store is choose an ecommerce platform. Don’t take this decision lightly. The platform can significantly influence the look and functionality of the store and, as a result, its performance.  WooCommerce and Magento are both massively popular choices, and if you

    June 14, 2022

    Magento 2.4.4 Release: What’s New?

    Magento 2.4.4 was finally released for general availability on April 12, 2022, after being in beta since October of the previous year. It is quite a big release that includes exciting new features, performance enhancements, bug fixes, and a security update.In this article, we’ll look over the update and what it brings, and see how

    April 15, 2022

    How to Build a Magento Website (2022)

    Magento is one of the world’s most popular ecommerce platforms. Brands like Jaguar, Samsung, Hermès, Fords all chose Magento as a basis for their online stores. And the total numbers of active stores that use Magento is more than 180,000.This platform has many advantages and can be successfully used by companies of all sizes and

    February 23, 2022

    Magento vs Shopify: What Should You Choose (2022)

    When it comes to starting an ecommerce business, choosing a platform for your store is one of the first major decisions you will face. It is also an important one: the platform you choose can influence how your store will look, and what functionality it will have. Your budget is also something to keep in

    January 6, 2022

    Is Magento Good for a Small Business?

    When you are just starting your ecommerce business, you want everything to be perfect. The domain name, the logo, the design: all of the aspects have to be great, and it feels like there’s no room for error. Trying to get everything just right, many business owners get stuck on choosing a platform for their store. 

    December 20, 2021

    The Ultimate Magento SEO Guide (2022)

    It’s time to face it: no matter how good your website looks, if your customers don’t know anything about it, it doesn’t matter.  Being on the first page of search results is as vital for an ecommerce website as the store location for a traditional shop. The more people will see you, the more will

    December 9, 2021
    guidehow tomagento

    How to Speed Up Your Magento 2 Website (2022 Guide)

    Everyone hates a slow-loading website. It’s a fact. So it should come as no surprise that an e-commerce website that takes a while to load can cost a business some of its customers.  For example, testing done by Google showed that 25% of users will leave a desktop website if it takes more than 4

    November 30, 2021
    guidehow tomagento

    Magento 2 vs Shopware 6: What Should You Choose in 2022?

    With the rise of online shopping, an e-commerce store is a necessity for every business. But with all the possible choices out there, picking one platform for your store can be overwhelming. We are here to help! In today’s article, we’ll look at two big competitors: Magento and Shopware. Both are open-source platforms that have

    November 22, 2021